Picnics are an all-time favourite of families and people who enjoy entertaining in the outdoors. However, if you’re not careful with how you pack your food, cook and prep it, you run the risk of getting sick. Foods that are handled improperly or are not kept at the appropriate temperature can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.¬†Take the time to learn how to keep foods fresh at a picnic or tailgate party and you will be set for some great fun and outdoor entertaining.


Plan ahead.

If you’re going to have a tailgating party or a picnic, it’s important to plan appropriately. Do you need to have a cooler for chilled items? Do you need extra napkins or paper towels for clean up? Decide what your menu is and what food prep items you’ll need to enjoy your outdoor meal safely.

  • You may need to plan to bring a jug of water, hand washing soap or hand sanitizer with you. If the area you’re going to doesn’t have a bathroom or washroom, you’ll need to have these supplies with you. This way you are practicing safe food handling at all times.
  • Will you need extra plates and utensils for serving? Consider what raw items you’ll have and how many plates or utensils you’ll use preparing these foods. For example, you cannot use the same platter raw chicken was held on to serve the cooked chicken.
  • Think about what supplies you have at home for transportation. Do you have a cooler bag? Do you have enough freezer bags or ice? Buy what items you don’t have.